Eyelash Shampoo

The YouLash Eyelash Shampoo is used to dampen, thoroughly scrub the pores and gently remove the dirt into the creaking space, eliminating any makeup residue and bacteria deposited on the lashes leaving the skin perfectly soft and fresh.
It is a OIL FREE product, compatible with glue and eyelash extensions.
It is recommended to apply the product by brushing the affected area and then rinse with water.

More details

Volume125 ml
PackagingBottle with practical dispenser

When to use it?
At the first treatment and at the refill

Why should you use shampoo?
Rehydrate the eyelashes, with the primer you could dehydrate too much (that's why we recommend the primer in flasks)
Cleans the eyelash line by reducing the risk of bacterial blepharitis
Removes any makeup residues

A pleasant treatment with its fragrance that helps the client to relax and feel pampered.

An excellent OIL FREE product to take care of your eyelashes is shampoo.
The delicate shampoo for eyelashes youlash is used to remove make-up, deeply clean the pores and gently remove the dirt in the infracerre space, removing residues of makeup and bacteria deposited on the eyelashes and leaving the skin soft and fresh.

How to use it? ⠀

Apply the shampoo with the youlash brush, deter the affected area and then rinse with water

Curiosity: the consistency in mousse and the active ingredients make the shampoo very delicate and suitable also for daily facial cleansing. Sprinkle a dose of product on the palm of your hand, gently massage your face and rinse with water. Try it! ⠀⠀

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Eyelash Shampoo

Eyelash Shampoo