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  • Angular 3D Tweezers for volume handling application Out of stock Quick view
    7,50 € Out of stock
    Angular 3D Tweezers for volume handling application

    The 3D Angle Caliper is a high quality professional tweezer designed for the treatment of Volume Eyelashes Extensions.Particularly light and precise, it allows the creation of simple 2D / 3D fans until they reach the Russian Volume.

    7,50 € VAT incl.
  • Blower Out of stock Quick view
    6,40 € Out of stock

    The YouLash pump is a professional tool used to speed the glue drying during application.

    6,40 € VAT incl.
  • Box with 5 Lash Pads In Stock Quick view
    92,72 € In Stock
    Box with 5 Lash Pads

    The revolutionary Box with 5 Lash Pads YouLash is an eyebrow extensions organizer, containing up to five platforms where you can apply and order the box strips for thickness, length or curvature as desired. The box and the platform are made of plexiglass which guarantees excellent adhesion of the adhesive strips.

    92,72 € VAT incl.
  • Curved Tweezer - for natural eyelash isolation In Stock Quick view
    7,50 € In Stock
  • Easy Dry In Stock Quick view
    53,58 € In Stock
    Easy Dry

    53,58 € VAT incl.
  • Easy Dry In Stock Quick view
    21,90 € In Stock
    Easy Dry

    The YouLash Easy Dry  is a revolutionary tool that thanks to a particular ultrasonic system atomizes the water and triggers an immediate polymerization mechanism of the glue.Rechargeable in USBSpecificationsMaterial: ABSVolume: 20mlInput: 5V 1A.Output: DC5V / 1A.Battery capacity: 3.7V / 500mA.atomised particles: 0.3 sWhiteDimension: 3.2 x 10 x 3...

    21,90 € VAT incl.
  • Eye Patches Transparent 10 pcs - lower lash isolation In Stock Quick view
    10,43 € In Stock
    Eye Patches Transparent 10 pcs - lower lash isolation

    Our innovative paches slowly release a series of natural and purifying extracts that make the skin hydrated and smooth.Designed to insulate lower eyelashes while applying extensions thanks to their exclusive shape that allows to follow the eye silhouette.It is advisable to rub them on the palm of your hand before applying them in the eye area to...

    10,43 € VAT incl.
  • Eye Patches White with Vitamin 5 pcs for insulating lower lashes, with aloe and vitamin C In Stock Quick view
    10,06 € In Stock
  • Eyelash Shampoo In Stock Quick view
    21,96 € In Stock
    Eyelash Shampoo

    The YouLash Eyelash Shampoo is used to dampen, thoroughly scrub the pores and gently remove the dirt into the creaking space, eliminating any makeup residue and bacteria deposited on the lashes leaving the skin perfectly soft and fresh.It is a OIL FREE product, compatible with glue and eyelash extensions.It is recommended to apply the product by brushing...

    21,96 € VAT incl.
  • Glue Holder Rings 10 pcs - glue support In Stock Quick view
    4,03 € In Stock
    Glue Holder Rings 10 pcs - glue support

    The YouLash glue ring is a particularly practical tool that makes processing faster and reduces glue waste.   It fits perfectly to any size of fingers and is divided into two wards. Once worn, pour the glue into one of the two internal bases and proceed with the application.

    4,03 € VAT incl.
  • Jade stone Out of stock Quick view
    6,33 € Out of stock
    Jade stone

    The jade stone YouLash is a particularly convenient and practical paste support used to keep the temperature of "Fast Glue YouLash" or "Speedy Volume YouLash" constant and unaltered for the duration of the treatment. For proper stone cleaning, it is advisable to use "Disposable Discs for Glue" or, in the absence of these, you can remove glue residues with...

    6,33 € VAT incl.
  • Lash Mirror Youalsh In Stock Quick view
    10,98 € In Stock
    Lash Mirror Youalsh

    Rectangular mirror to check the work and the position of the extensions even from sessions.It allows you to always keep under control the work done in front of you.

    10,98 € VAT incl.
  • Lash Pads - Eyelash Extension Platform In Stock Quick view
    9,64 € In Stock
    Lash Pads - Eyelash Extension Platform 1 pcs.

    THE YOULASH LASHPAD is a very convenient tool that allows a more organized, hygienic and precise work both in the salon and for freelancers. With the lashpad you can catalog the lashes used by each customer or divide them by category (thickness, length, curvature) so that they are always ready for use..⠀The youlash lashpads are made of Plexiglas, a...

    9,64 € VAT incl.
  • Mascara Brush Dritti - 10 pz. Out of stock Quick view
    4,20 € Out of stock
    Mascara Brush Straight - 10 pcs.

    The YouLash Mascara Brush Brushes are designed round toothbrushes to gently comb the extensions immediately after application.Its fuchsia-colored mascara brush allows you to keep them in order even in home maintenance.

    4,20 € VAT incl.
  • Maxi Brush 20 pcs. In Stock Quick view
    4,94 € In Stock
    Maxi Brush 20 pcs.

    YouLash Maxi Brush are a professional tool designed to remove extensions, with the help of the Liquid YouLash Remover. Thanks to the large tip size, they are indicated for quick removal.

    4,94 € VAT incl.
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