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The YouLash Artistic Eyelash Extensions are designed for all artistic applications, creating light color shades or more scenic full-color effects.
You can choose from:
- two-tone, black at the base and colored on the tips, for a reflex of refined color;
- color, totally colored, for color effects more or less evident based on the color of glue we use;
- mixed box lengths (7-14mm);
  All of our eyealshas are mixed in color.

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  • Extension eyelashes for "artistic" applications Silk - Curve C - Two Tone Thickness 0.20mm

    The silk eyelash extension for silky "artistic" applications are extremely light, thin, soft and natural, double-color eyelashes (black-color) to create delicate shades of color.Ideal for all types of lashes, they further enhance glamorous but natural look.Two Tone, thickness 0.20mm for a lasting and personalized effect.Curve C for naturally curved...

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