Bactilemon 2000 Multipurpose Liquid Disinfectant With Spraying

Benzalkonium chloride, Didecildimethylammonium chloride (fourth generation quaternary ammonium salt) and Clorexidine digluconate.

Neutral pH and lemon scent. This pH value exalts the germicidal properties of the active ingredients that decrease significantly to acid pH.

Field and mode of use

1. Disinfection by nebulization of surfaces of medical devices: typical examples are surfaces of medical equipment, dental practice, hospitals, rest homes and private institutes. BACTILEMON 2000 is especially indicated in dentistry and podology for the disinfection of plastic surfaces, plexiglass, polycarbonate and skai of the assemblies.

2. Decontamination and simultaneous detersion by immersion, surgical instrumentation and medical devices: as provided by Decree 28 September 1990: Provisions for protection against professional HIV infection in public and private health and care facilities; "Reusable devices must, immediately after use, be immediately immersed in a recognized HIV-infectious chemical disinfectant prior to dismantling or cleaning, to be carried out as a sterilization preparation." It also finds useful use for disinfection of dental fingerprints.

3. Temporary Sterile Storage of Syringes: When removing the instruments from the solution, pick them aseptically and rinse thoroughly with sterile water.

The solution is ready for use.


Direct Steaming

1. With the aid of a special nebulizer to apply to the multidose pack, vaporize on several points on the surface.
2. Distribute the vaporized solution using a suitable, clean, dry nonwoven cloth.
3. Wait at least 5 minutes before reuse.

Indirect vaporization

1. Using a special nebulizer to apply to the multi-dose packaging, vaporize on a suitable clean, dry nonwoven cloth.
2. Apply to the surface.
3. Dry for at least 5 minutes and do not rinse unless the surface is directed to direct contact with mucous membranes or food.


For invasive and non-invasive multi-purpose medical devices, such as surgical instruments and instruments, immerse the same in the solution as well as wait for at least 10 minutes. The product is also suitable for washing or decontamination in ultrasonic tanks of contaminated surgical instruments. To remove the instruments from the solution you have to pick them up aseptically. The excess disinfectant solution can be removed by medical devices, rinse with sterile water or dry with cloth or sterile paper. One of the peculiar features of this formulation is the synergistic action of the various active ingredients having different action and target mechanisms. This allows one product to respond to several of the ideal requirements of a disinfectant for surgical surgical instruments, namely:

ability to act even in the presence of organic material: it is a peculiar characteristic of both quaternary ammonium salts and digoxin digoxide, not to be affected by their biocidal action, the presence of organic material; It should also be remembered that quaternary ammonium salts are cationic surfactants and as such reducing surface tension allow the solution to enter the various interstices where microorganisms generally nourish to protect themselves from chemical or physical aggression;
persistent and cumulative effect: both chlorhexidine and both quaternary ammonium salts are loaded positively and therefore after evaporation of the aqueous matrix, without rinsing, they remain adsorbed on the treated surface, generally charged negatively, allowing to maintain the "aseptic" initially obtained. It is evident that for repeated applications this adsorption becomes cumulative with overlapping of different active ingredient microspheres;
Extensive compatibility and practicality of application: the aqueous matrix allows the disinfectant to be applied on the surface of any material, even the most delicate as plexiglas and polycarbonate; sometimes the nebulizer allows the disinfectant solution to be directly dispensed on the medical-surgical instrument by increasing the contact surface and thus the rapidity of action.

Compatibility with materials

The solution, due to the presence of sodium nitrite, has no oxidizing power. Its pure use does not cause corrosive effects on metal, plastic and rubber materials; it does not hurt cutting tools. For pH near neutrality, it does not damage the materials it comes into contact with. The active ingredients are not absorbed by any kind of plastic or elastomeric material (natural and synthetic rubbers)

Permissions and Certifications

UNI EN ISO 9001 and 13485

Certified Notified Body n ° 0546 - CERTIQUALITY
Medical Device Class: llb
CND classification: D020199
Type: CE Certificate no. 16494

Volume1000 ml

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Bactilemon 2000 Multipurpose Liquid Disinfectant With Spraying

Bactilemon 2000 Multipurpose Liquid Disinfectant With Spraying