Bactisan Wipe 2000 Disinfectant wipes - conf. 100 pcs.

Applications and methods of use

BACTISAN® WIPE2000 is suitable for the disinfection and detoxification of Non-Invasive Medical Devices (Class IIA and Class I), medical and surgical instruments, biomedical equipment, surfaces, medical beds, ambulances, telephones, trolleys, handles, stethoscopes, . We recommend the use of one patient to another. The wetting solution's impregnating solution, being hydroalcoholic, facilitates rapid drying of the treated surfaces.

Instructions for use:

  • Open the jar and remove a soapy wipe of disinfectant until the pre-cut sign and tear it with a firm shot, taking care to hold the next wiping with your fingers.
  • After performing normal cleaning operations, rub the surface and the instrument, without rinsing or drying.
  • Close the container well after use to avoid the wiping of the wipes.

If the end of the next wiper was left inside the container, open it and remove the wiping cloth from the center of the roll, place it in the hole of the lid, then close it.

The use of BACTISAN WIPE 2000 wipes does not dispense with the washing protocol or replaces sterilization in any way where necessary.

Medical Device Class IIa EXTERNAL USE
Certificate No. 16494 / I
Notified Body 0546

Package100 pcs.

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Bactisan Wipe 2000 Disinfectant wipes - conf. 100 pcs.

Bactisan Wipe 2000 Disinfectant wipes - conf. 100 pcs.