Nitrile Strong Gloves Without Dust

Protection from biological agents, accidental contact with chemicals, Suitable for hospital and outpatient use for examination, therapy, diagnostics, laboratory. Suitable for food processing, cleaning, chemical industry, workshops, electronics, in the aesthetic field.

CE MARKING: DPI III Cat., DM 1 ^ Class






Palm Width (mm): 85 + 5

Length (mm): min. 240




Palm width (mm): 95 + 5

Length (mm): min. 240




Pocket Width (mm): 105 + 5

Length (mm): min. 240



absent. Gloves are free from latex (Latex free)
therefore indicated for latex and protein sensitive users
indicated in latex free departments.

POWDER LEVEL: 0.46 mg / glove

LUBRICANT SYSTEM: Ajsia Black G00518 glove is free of lubricating powder. There
internal chlorination allows easy use even in the case of
wet or wet hands. The absence of corn starch allows the use
even those who suffer from allergy to this powder.

AQL: 1.5

CE MARKING: Class I Medical Device (Dir. 93/42 / EEC - Legislative Decree 24/2/1997 n.
46 as amended by D.Lgs. 25/01/2010 n. 37 - Directive Transposition
2007/47 / EC;

Dispositivo di protezione individuale III categoria, CE 0465 (D.Lgs.
475/92 in attuazione Dir. Cee 89/686)

Individual protection device category III, CE 0465 (D.Lgs.
475/92 in implementation Dir. Cee 89/686)
CONFORMITY: UNI EN 455-1-2-3-4 (AQL for no holes, specification of requirements,
physical properties, contamination protection, labeling,
packaging, testing methods to be used, duration and

UNI EN 420 general requirements (specifications and procedures for
design and construction, resistance to manufacturing materials
water penetration, harmlessness, comfort and efficiency, marking)
UNI EN 388 (physical and physical assault protection requirements)
mechanical damage caused by abrasions, blade cutting, drilling, tearing and

UNI EN 374-1-2-3 (chemical and gloves protection gloves)

EN 420 - general requirements (compliant)
EN 388 - mechanical risk

Resistance to abrasion: 0
Blade cutting resistance: 0
Resistance to tearing: 0
Perforation resistance: 0
Dexterity: 5

EN 374 Part I - gloves requirements intended to protect the user against chemicals
and / or microorganisms. (Comply)

EN 374 Part II - microbiological risk
Air leak test The glove passes the air leak test
Proof of water leakage The glove passes the test of water leakage

EN 374 Part III - Chemical risk

QUALITY SYSTEM: UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 ICIM Certificate No. 7693/0 and relative
IQNet Certificate No. IT94332
Glove Validity: The duration of a nitrile-free powder glove is 5 years, if
the storage instructions are followed.

Storage conditions: Keep away from direct sunlight, store in a cool place
dry away from sources of heat.

Company certified with ISO 9001: 2008 System SCHTEC_G00518_Rev.01-11 / 2016

Instructions for use: The glove is not designed to be cleaned or washed but for single use.
Precautions: Before use check that the device does not have holes, defects or imperfections in
in case of doubt throwing the glove and replacing it.
Avoid direct contact of any chemicals with the skin, even if the substance is
defined as harmless. The gloves are designed for accidental or brief sketching
contact. In case of accidental contact of any substance with the skin wash
abundantly with water.
Remove and discard the glove immediately after contact with chemicals.
Ensure that the chemicals do not come in contact with the skin through the cuff.
Gloves should not be used where mechanical protection is required
or thermal.
Disposal: The glove can be incinerated or buried in controlled landfills, without it
no risk to the environment. Any limitation to the deletion only depends on the
type of contamination to which it has been subjected.

Package100 pcs.

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Nitrile Strong Gloves Without Dust

Nitrile Strong Gloves Without Dust