TNT Disposable Coats - Blue - 25gr / mq - 10 pcs.

Very good fitability - Good traction resistance both longitudinal and transverse - Water repellent - Very low permeability only to the water column - Ultralight - Hypoallergenic - Very low flammability (burns in contact with the flame and tends to extinguish) - Good drapability - Low electrostatics - Good resistance to viral penetration - Good porosity to the air - Excellent resistance to penetration of saline and alcohol.

It has laces for neck closure at back and waist Colors: Blue
Purpose: This device protects the body's front, upper and lower limbs from contact with hazardous substances, chemicals and biological agents due to the barrier effect on liquids and bacteria. It is therefore indicated in all structures where hygiene and personal protection are fundamental.

Use: open the package, wear the jacket and attach it to the back at neck and waist height.
Maintenance: No need to be disposable.

Storage and handling: Keep at room temperature, without direct exposure to moisture or heat.
Precautionary Usage: Do not use in the event of obvious defects such as damaged TNT, laundry or scrape.
Contraindications and Iterations: There are no particular contraindications or iterations in the use of this medical device.
Material: Non-woven Fabric. Chemical composition: 100% polypropylene, free from glass fibers.
Dimensions: 115 cm x 137 cm.

MaterialElastic Tnt
Package10 pcs.

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TNT Disposable Coats - Blue - 25gr / mq - 10 pcs.

TNT Disposable Coats - Blue - 25gr / mq - 10 pcs.