Colla Performance X

DryingSuper Veloce (0,5 sec)
Volume10 ml

Performance X is the latest generation adhesive, ideal for those who want excellence.


    ELASTICITY which makes application easier and more comfortable for the customer;
    PERFORMANCE: dries in 1-2 seconds (depends on the temperature of the surrounding environment, and on the percentage of humidity present in the air);
    RESISTANCE TO EXTREME CONDITIONS: its particular formulation guarantees the seal of the treatment even in case of strong temperature changes, extreme sports, salt water or with chlorine;
    STRONG BUT DELICATE: despite being a highly performing glue, it has a low exhalation, resulting well tolerated by the customer;
    CHAMELEON: it can be used both for "One by One" treatments and for "Volume" and "Megavolume" treatments.

Who it is recommended for:

Since this is an ultra-fast drying adhesive, it is recommended to be used by expert Lashmakers.

Technical specifications:

             Black colour
             Low viscosity
             Low exhalation
             10ml pack
             Keep in a cold and dry place
             PAO 3 months

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Colla Performance X

Colla Performance X